How to Make Your Woman

How to Make Your Woman

How to Make Your Woman Get in the Mood

How to Make Your Woman
Why Does Sex Suck? Č Have you ever asked yourself that exact question? I have on many occasions. It is always the same old same old. Especially if you are in a long term relationship. I decided one day that it was time to start making sure it was better. I came up with a few ways to do that. I read books on positions and styles and started trying them. Here are a few things that worked for me and I believe it will work for you too. PEPEE JEL 페페젤 정품

If you don’t want to let your partner know that you are trying to increase sexual pleasure and fun start by trying this. When you let them know what you are trying to do they will be none the wiser. Remember their body is a different thing than yours is. Some things will actually turn them on more not knowing than actually being told. So try this. When you and your partner are making love try and use yourdatable. Why? Because you are restricted with what you can say verbally and they are not. So you can write them down real nice and simply on little slips of paper and then when you feel they are not doing it you can read them out loud to them. Try it tonight and see what happens.

Now this next one may not be for everyone. It involved a little role playing. My girl and I decided to put on nurse and patient outfits and pretend that we were medical professionals. Then I was in the dramatic role, trying to “rehension” them that my girl was trying to seduce me and what not. She was giving me a seductive look and I couldn’t help but be turned on. She later told me that it was my best performance in a long time.

Those are a few of the sex tips I know that you may have never thought of. I encourage you to try them out. Actually, the sex tips I have revealed to you are a mix of things. It is definitely a guide for more sex tips.

We even have a sex survey that we run. Every time we get a survey done we ask the question: What’s the best thing you would like to do in bed? We have asked different sex tips and the thousands of responses we get is mind boggling.

We began to analyze the best things that men and women liked. To make things easy for us we had to pick the 1 best tip. We began to analyze the survey and the winner was made clear. The survey was filled with about 10 tips. Now, I know for a fact that the first few tips most people respond to when we survey them say no to about 80% of the things we asked. That is just crazy.

What you should know is that there are many ways to get a girl to respond favor to you sexually. We are only going to focus on 1 tip because we think that everyone reading this should know it. That is enough to drive you wild. That is why we are going to focus on the 1st sex tip: How to make your woman get in the mood and become addicted to your love making. We are going to do that by getting a woman to create a mental link between pleasure and wanting more…thus setting the stage for the second sex tip.

Tip #1: The “6 DO NOT’S” of dirty talk

Some women are too shy to dirty talk.

Some women are way too passive.

Some never bring their sexual side into the bedroom.Overall, the biggest concern that I hear from my female clients is that their men are not verbal enough during sex. Simply put: they wait for their men to initiate dirty talk. Doing so will make you seem like a sexual man — and feel sexy as well. Now, I know, that is a tall order, but I will promise you that if you wait for your man to initiate, you will find it easy. Remember: it takes a woman 3 times longer to become aroused than a man, so you have to be patient.

The truth is that many men are not doing themselves or their lovers any favors in the bedroom. The truth is that a lot of women are not having orgasms regularly during sex. Even worse, some women have never had an orgasm. By reading this, you could be falling short, possibly, in your own bedroom. Premature ejaculation, which is the inability of a man to prevent ejaculation during sexual intercourse alive and well, is the most common problem that women deal with. It is completely manageable and completely natural to seek out a solution. So do it now. Figure out a way to get help for yourself.

2. Create the circumstances and atmosphere for sex

The situation and the mood must be right. Start smelling nice and sweeping the floor (heels and all) ready for a good time. Have the house clean and presentable.

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