Hi guys! I’m Shell. I live in Florida with my beautiful family. We travel often to visit our extended family and close friends all over the world.

Before I got married and settled down, I’ve always traveled. I even spent a year “location independent,” just traveling and living out of my suitcase, Now that he is here I still have that wanderlust! I’m obsessed with traveling with my son and the more memories we make, the better.

I Heart Family Travels is here to prove to you guys there is a method to the madness when it comes to traveling with kids in an ultralight manner without getting bogged down by a bunch of stuff everyone tells you that you need. Learn how to enjoy the ride while creating unforgettable experiences in the process

How do you afford to travel so much?

I’m very blessed to have such a rich husband! Lol, I’m joking. Surprisingly, the love of my life and I are your average middle class family. He works his 9-5 and I piddle about with my projects expanding our passive income between blogging and design. To maintain my sanity and to keep me connected with real people everyday I also runĀ PurveyorofGeekery.com, a Marketing and Design company where I help small businesses and other family oriented businesses reach their goals.

How do you find time to travel with all your projects going on?

Ages before I settled down to procreate, I worked as a Project Manager for some awesome corporate clients. I plan and analyze EVERYTHING. My husband laughs at my Christmas Cookie Gantt charts. Luckily, I also apply this to my projects, family life and travel so it all runs sort of smoothly and I can pass everything on to you!