Should I rent a stroller at Disney? Renting versus bringing your own stroller to theme parks.

My family and I travel while I run my company Purveyor of Geekery


One of the choices parents have to make when it comes to planning a theme park vacation is whether to bring their own strollers or to rent one from the park. Most blogs that you read talk about the decision in terms of cost: renting one costs money and if you go to Disney you’ll have to rent a new one each day and trade it in at each park which leaves you strollerless between parks. At $13-15 a day, a 5 day stay can run you $75+tax…$85. $85!

Another option is renting from a company near the park, like Kingdom Strollers.  $65 for 5 days + tax = $73.

Or bring your own. It’s free to check in at the gate in the airport, the only problem is…they are bulky and it’s another thing to juggle. Sure, they fold flat…but they are still about 2 feet wide by 4 feet tall and heavy. Even the Pinterest proclaimed “Ultralight” Joovy Caboose is 21 pounds. 21 POUNDS! That’s like another kid. That’s a hassle when you are trying to juggle kids as well. It will run you $214.

Another thing to consider is agility. Rented strollers may not be such a pain in the butt to deal with in the airport but what about in the parks? We’ve all seen the parents who opted to lay down the big bucks trying to navigate the bulky plastic beasts through crowds. They are as aerodynamic as a yellow and red Little Tyke Cozy Coupe on a stick. And with all that girth you would think they would have unlimited storage spaces.

Disney Stroller Rental
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No, you get a pocket. A POCKET…For your name tag. That’s it.

So those are your options: bring it, rent it from a company, rent it from the park. Not very promising. Now let me let you in on a little untalked about secret: Maclaren.

Carry The Maclaren Volo on Your Back

We  take our Maclaren Volo everywhere. That’s right, 13lbs (we strip the sunshade off ours and bring it down to 8.6lbs) of sexy, streamlined British engineering that would make even Jeremy Clarkson rise up in admiration. Let me put this in perspective for you: my son weighed more than this stroller when he was born, and she navigates crowds like a pro.

You know what the only thing better than a Maclaren Volo is? A Maclaren Mark II…at half the weight. Half. The. Weight.  However, as my husband and I are sitting here trying to throw all our money at Maclaren for this fine work of art they keep pushing. the. release. date. back. Just take my money and give me my MARK II ALREADY! (*Update: It’s here!.*)

Back to the Volo: the under chair storage basket supplemented with a Maclaren Stroller Organizer and you are ready to roll.  If you still need more space for gear you could add a pair of universal stroller hamster panniers. We don’t need the space, even when traveling with the girls which brings our numbers up to 5. Any more than 5 I might suggest the added space for sure.

The best part is it can do this (from here) with the organizer still attached, so you can carry it through crowds when they get too thick to navigate with the amazing stroller strap. Look how tiny it folds up! It folds up easily to get on trans to and from parking lots. I keep soft things like jackets and towels in the bottom so that I can just squish everything and jump aboard, I don’t worry about latching it, just hold the wheels together until we arrive to the destination. No fuss. All swoon.

And the best part, it’s about $130. That’s just a bit more than you would spend on stroller rentals anyway. Completely worth the investment.

What stroller does your family use to travel with? What do you love about it? What do you hate?

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My family and I travel while I run my company Purveyor of Geekery

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