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My family and I travel while I run my company Purveyor of Geekery

*Update 9/14: The Peabody Hotel was purchased by Hyatt this year and rebranded. No more ducks, you guys! No more ducks. 🙁 You can still find the original in Downtown Memphis.*

Oi. Guys. Just oi. Hubs and I are in work survival mode: he in whatever fun is to be had of Pharmaceutical Reverse Logistics (that is a real industry, honest) and I in launch land! You guys! I’ve been working on a new venture which I am so excited about I can hardly keep it contained…but I will. Shhh. It’s a secret. After a week filled with navigating the inner workings of filing S-corps and saying good bye to a dear family cat, Dan treated O and I to a much needed staycation.

It all started with one little email subject line: “Let’s Escape”.

Escape to the Peabody

The next thing you knew O was running around completely excited for a day and a half about getting to “see the ducks”, but not really knowing what a duck was exactly. We threw some stuff in a weekender and we were off to Orlando for a one night jaunt at The Peabody Hotel.  I am fantastically in awe of this wonderful hotel. If you go to Orlando, I would strongly suggest this place: family friendly meets luxury swoon. For about the same price that you would shell out per night to have the standard mouse sponsored resort experience, you can have the VIP treatment surrounded by granite and sparkles. The Peabody Orlando

Televisions in the bathroom you guys! I don’t even know.

Peabody Televisons

The Peabody is within walking distance to the Pointe Orlando, and much to my husband’s faptation: A British Pub! My husband’s biggest complaint is that they charge “for everything” (i.e. Internet and parking) so he opted for Club level which probably came to about even with the parking and intertube rates, but included hor d’oeuvres & deserts in the evening and breakfast in the morning in the Club Lounge.

O at breakfast


Of course the best part was their epic outdoor area! Check out the view from the 27th floor:

Peabody Orlando Pool


Oh no, that is a waterslide you see in the upper left. This place is not only fantastically kid friendly, but also completely accessible. Most of their pools are zero entry (i.e. slopping entry) sans the grotto and hot tub, which have chair lifts. O’s favorite was the children’s splash pool and the interactive water feature/splash pad. It gets crowded later in the day, but is almost empty right when it opened in the morning. Go right after breakfast to enjoy your experience the most, especially those with Autism Spectrum concerns.

Peabody Children's Pool

Peabody Splash Pad

He also enjoyed a side of kissyface with the giant duck figurines gracing the children’s area:

Duck Kiss


And of course, there was the world famous ducks. If you plan on going for this highlight, I would suggest finding a place on one of the upper balconies over looking the lobby in order to see it. We arrived 20 minutes early to get a good view, only to have everyone rush up to the fountain with their phones in the air right before the ducks marched. From the ground level it was impossible to see a thing. Not an event for those affected by crowded spaces. Overall it was a great time.

Kissy Snuggles

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My family and I travel while I run my company Purveyor of Geekery

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