Free Printable USA Map – Shabby Chic

My family and I travel while I run my company Purveyor of Geekery

You guys! SQUE! Do you know what I do instead of work? Procrastinate! Gasp! Shock! Guess what I do to procrastinate? Amateur cartography! Whu? Not really, to procrastinate I like to create happies, and I know nothing gives my online family the happies like a mad case of cartography. Exhibit 1. So here (pulls picture out from behind her back) I made this for you (grins).

Free printable USA Map

Shabby chic map…and it is BIG this time: 11″x14″ since you guys asked last time so nicely. You can go all professional printing with it if you’d like.

You can find the map here.

Bad Karma Licensing

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to use these files for your own personal use, but do not sell or make products to sell out of the designs.


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My family and I travel while I run my company Purveyor of Geekery

6 Responses to “Free Printable USA Map – Shabby Chic”
  1. Kim

    This is so awesome – thank you!!!! I lo lo looove maps lol. I’m going to have to get this printed out asap – thank you again!

  2. Jodi

    Hi! I love this US map – it’s so beautiful and unique. 🙂 However, it won’t open for me. When I clip on picture, it takes me to a page that says the file does not exist. I was wondering if you could tell me if I’m doing something wrong, or where I can now find this image. Thank you!

    • shell

      Hi Jodi,

      Sorry about that. I was switching the storage provider for my company Purveyor of Geekery and forgot the blog files were hosted there as well. It should be all fixed now!


  3. Alexa

    Beautiful, thanks! A touch of home here in Japan!

  4. Madeline


    I absolutely love this map and all of your other printable. I subscribed and confirmed my email but since this post was three years ago I have a feeling I won’t be getting the link to the printable for this gorgeous US map. Is there any way I could possibly still snag this?


    • shell

      Madeline, You can still get it. The download link is in the welcome email you receive after the confirmation email. Give it a bit of time and check your spam folder if it still doesn’t come through. ~Shell

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